Friday, January 12, 2007


been out of touch

hey all been out of touch with the blog for awhile. unfortunately when blogger moved from beta to google they changed the link and i could not access it from my cell phone as i could before.

i am back in the blogsphere!

My San Jose Razorclaws are ready to fight on Jan 19th. we have had some challenges as our 205er Raphael Davis did not get approved to fight Vernon White, Ken's 205er.

but it worked out as Vernon did not pass either and now our 155ers will have two matches.

clint coronel will take on joey martin for that match. either way we dodged a bullet and victory is with in sight.

training is going great; boxing is off the hook. wrestling is really strong.

business is hot with mma and the schools are doing really well. i miss teaching my students and i know they miss me but i gotta stick to the business for now.


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